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Blue Sky Institute


In order to do their part in advancing the welfare of the human race, Deanna Taylor and Thomas King became co-founders of the Blue Sky Institute over a period of time that spanned from early in January of 2000 to the present (and isn’t quite over as of this writing, February 4, 2001, in certain Legal Aspects). It is their intent to devote the rest of their lives to helping further the Advancement of the Welfare of the Human Race thru continuing to design, develop and implement Blue Sky Institute’s Educational Programs and Projects.

The Founding of an Educational Organization to allow them to most effectively achieve the objective of promoting such “advancement” involves several justifications and also many complexities of a Legal Nature. The justifications for helping create an Educational Organization structure are simply put, to have the deserved tax exemption status that such a structure can allow, for the collection and utilization of resources to allow for the implementation of Projects and Programs of an Educational nature. The other major justification for Blue Sky Institutes formation is to create an Enduring tool to allow people to help other people to live better lives thru Education.

The following information gives the status of dealing with such of the “complexities” as are currently known to the co-founders. Also, since this update is being written by Thomas L. King, with proofreading and Editing by Deanna L. Taylor, the following will also be written in the first person rather than third as above. After reading about the status of the Founding of BSI, please read the pages elucidating the status of Program and Project Design and Development and Implementation of Programs and Projects. Thanks!



Notes on the Founding of Blue Sky Institute

Incorporating with the State and Other Legal Matters




The process of “Incorporating” is essential in this society in order to obtain “Recognition of Exempt Status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code” which is essential for obtaining grants and other contributions from various sources that can be utilized for furtherance of Education.

The “Articles of Incorporation” were created by Deanna Taylor and Tom King, who volunteered their time and other resources such as office supplies to the project of Incorporating thereby eliminating need to pay any fees other than those required by law to achieve the objective of Incorporation.

On the Thirteenth of December 2000 the Articles of Incorporation of Blue Sky Institute were submitted for registration with the Utah State Department of Commerce, Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.

On the Sixteenth of January 2001, the above named Division sent a notice of Incomplete Registration to our office.  This notice was received at Blue Sky Institute on the 20th of January 2001. The notice stated in a bold face all caps format the following “YOU MAY NOT USE THE WORD INSTITUTE IN THE CORPORATE NAME” and very little else was written into the “Incomplete Registration” form.  We were somewhat devastated when we got that news. But thankfully, since we didn’t understand the ‘why’ of it, we looked into the “Utah Code” and found out that we were able to use the word “Institute” as part of our corporate name if we obtained “written consent from the Utah State Board of Regents”. We obtained such “consent” and have now been informed that the “Certificate of Registration” has been printed, and if anyone calls the State Division of Corporations asking, Blue Sky Institute is Registered in Good Standing as a Utah Non-Profit Corporation. HOORAY!!!

Anyone wishing to review the relevant codes which informed us of the falsehood of the statement quoted above in all caps, and allowed us to seek and win “written Consent” from the Board of Regents is urged to read the relevant Utah Codes on the internet at: 16-6-24 (Repealed 04/30/01) Corporate name — Contents., Title 53B Chapter 05     Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act, and 53B-5-105    Exempted institutions.



            In order to obtain funding for: the purchase of Educational Materials, paying of Educator Compensation, and providing proper facilities for Educational Projects and Programs; contributions and gifts will be accepted by the Blue Sky Institute. As with other organizations that provide beneficent services and goods for “Charitable Purposes” (defined as many different types of services including Education), the Blue Sky Institute qualifies for Exemption from Income Taxation as well as exemption from some certain other Taxes. Please refer to the page describing our Policy regarding the Ethical Utilization and Disbursement of Resources obtained thru contributions and Grants which is a formalization of our intent to have all contributions be used for the purpose of Education.  Also, as an added incentive to anyone wishing to make a contribution, the contributors of such resources as money, property, etc. will be able to deduct the value of such contributions from their income when filing their tax returns. However, simply stating that the Blue Sky Institute is formed and operated solely for Educational Purposes is not sufficient to gain “Recognition of Exempt Status” from the IRS. This means that before many Philanthropic Entities will accept proposals for Grants, they require an official “Letter of Recognition of Exempt Status” from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as part of the Grant Application Package. This letter must be obtained from the IRS by filing the 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code ( along with form Form 8718 User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request  and the required five hundred dollar “User Fee”. One other step in this chain of sequences is to file for and receive a “Federal Tax ID Number” which we have done. We have also been successful, through a number of unsolicited contributions, in obtaining enough money to open a checking account and provide the IRS with their required tribute uh, that is User Fee. Therefore, we now have only to complete the form 1023 and 8718 and get them in the mail to the IRS and should be receiving the piece of the puzzle that will allow us to prepare and submit some “Complete Grant Application Packages” in the hopes of obtaining resources to use for our Educational Projects and Programs. As of February 4, 2001 the “cost” to the Institute for Document Preparation, and other “services” that are usually paid to Lawyers and others, have been donated by Thomas King and Deanna Taylor and have been given a monetary value of actual cost of materials and not to exceed $1,000.00 for the labor and time aspect of putting the materials together and presenting them to the appropriate agencies in jurisdiction over such matters. If anyone feels that this figure of one thousand dollars is excessive for the dollar amount attached to the labor and time aspect of Document Preparation for the various Documents that needed to be created in order to found this organization they are urged to contact Tom or Deanna by email at , or, call some Lawyers and ask what they would charge to perform the same tasks.

To summarize we anticipate having succeeded in taking care of the Tax Exemption issue by the middle of the calendar year. Perhaps it will be as soon as the end of February if the IRS is diligent in processing our forms. These forms shall be submitted by the 15th of February 2001.


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