Mission Statement

Nurturing the Education for the Advancement of the Welfare of All Life.

The mission of Blue Sky Institute is to provide:

* Technical and educational programs in the areas of the arts, peace and justice, and the environment.
* Program and course development, educational resource development (such as lending library, etc.), computer development programs
* Music and arts education with a focus on expanding awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.
* Research, development, and education in the utilization of renewable resources and the cycling of waste into usable products.
* Education and outreach on peace and justice issues locally and globally.
* Promotion of socially responsible organizations and businesses.
* Land set aside as a reserve for educational purposes.

Additionally, BSI is dedicated to designing and implementing innovative, multi-faceted curriculums, programs and projects that provide experiential learning in the following areas:

* Environmental, Social and Cultural Awareness
* Arts and Technology
* Community Service
* Economic Development

The curriculums and programs will combine at least two of the above subjects within each course, to double the effectiveness of the educational resources expended.

Some of the innovative aspects of the Blue Sky Institute are:

* Encouraging and utilizing input from throughout all sectors of the community
* Designing fresh, multi-faceted concepts that effectively address the educational needs of all members of the community, particularly the economically disadvantaged.
* Develop a networking coalition with other community organizations to enhance the effectiveness of BSI.

BSI will provide access to educational opportunities for the activist community and the economically disadvantaged members of the community who are currently without such access. This will elevate self-esteem and skill levels, as well as expand the potential and opportunities available to such members of the community, thereby improving the health of the community at large.

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